Surviving Ninth Grade!

Dear Freshmen,

Freshmen year for me was quite a rough experience. From doing so well when the school year started towards trying to keep up with everything when the school year began to come to an end was basically how it went for me. During my first day, I was completely lost and looked scared from what most people told me. Now that’s typically what happens to most freshmen so there’s nothing to worry about how you look and appear towards others. As the year progressed, it was quite a lot to process as you are more independent and responsible than ever before. With this came with many hardships I faced along the year as that is what affected me academically. Here are some ways I survived the ninth grade which I should have done to begin with.


Academically, one of the things I should have not done this year is procrastinating. In some classes, the teachers would give you like a few weeks to complete a huge project and present on a certain day. Since I had plenty of time to do these projects, I procrastinated until the last week which was probably the worst decision I have made this year. Within that timeframe, anything could happen to where you have to do quite a lot of work for another class. You now then would have to balance how you would get the work done and the huge project as well. From doing this, I have had decent grades but no where near to what I would get if I did things like this sooner.  Procrastination has had a huge effect on my grades to the point where I literally have to do well on all my tests and homework to get a passing grade. So ladies and gentlemen, please get your work done ahead of time before the work is due.  Other than that, study for your tests and quizzes also, doing so will allow you to get a better grade in the class.  


Socially, I have done quite well in making new friends and such. One of the main ways I met new people were meeting any other friends that my friends had. Doing so has worked quite well for me rather than meeting random people in the school. Being in group chats has also helped me know a wide variety of people as well. Being on the news team has also helped as well since well, everyone will now know who you are for the most part at least. People who appreciate your talents will also keep you motivated throughout the year. For those who care about grades and such are the ones who I hang out with all the time. So when you need help with something, they will most likely be able to assist you.
All in all, there is no right way to survive ninth grade for the most part. I have tried many other methods and had to find the right one that will help me survive it for the most part. There are so many things bond to happen like having emotions and feelings towards a special someone you love. Things like that distract you and affected me for the most part. Just find what works for you the most and go with it is all I can say. Best of luck for you guys!


Friendship! | What Does It Mean To Me?

People who you can truly trust, depend on and hangout with is what friendship is to me. Even the best moments of your life happen with them. Sometimes they may get on your nerves, but they are still your friend anyway. Throughout the book of Mice and Men, Lennie and George still have each others backs and depend on one another. Even though Lennie gets in the way of George’s life, such Lennie getting them in trouble in another town, George forgives him no matter what. They have been by each others side for a long time which is shown throughout the book. From experience, I have had friends that would just leave and act like they never even knew me. It makes me question if we were even friends at that time or they just moved on. Despite this, I still have friends that I have known for years and still talk to today. Even though some of them make me really angry at times, they are still my friends no matter what. That is what friendship means to me.


Hero’s arise from many different reasons or causes. One hero happens to face a tragedy that changed their lives and future. Eventually, this lead them to become a superhero and save lives. Batman is this superhero who has lost his parents at a very young age unfortunately. The three that I chose that make up an hero are selflessness, dependable and determined. One hero that I believe that truly represents those traits is Batman. Throughout the comics, Batman faces challenges with villains and criminals.

Selflessness is demonstrated upon Batman throughout the comics. He cared about the safety of Gotham and citizens much more than himself. Often, he would save people without giving any thought to why.  In most cases, he would never kill a criminal or villain intentionally and such. Batman has indeed killed a few people for he either had no choice or would pose a huge threat to other which would put them in great danger. Batman has saved lives countless time to where at some points, he was in danger himself. This shows that he cares for others first rather than himself.

Batman has shown quite well that he is dependable. He has taken the responsibility to keep the city of Gotham of its citizens safe. One example that shows Batman is dependable is when the city of Gotham shines the Bat symbol in the sky to alert him that he is needed. Batman would then respond and try solve conflicts that arise at the time.

Unlike other superheros, Batman doesn’t have any special superpowers/abilities that some would say can be used to have an advantage over someone else like an villain. In this case, his mind happens to be his superpower. Like every human, Batman is just like us who can feel pain as well. Despite this, Batman is still determined to save others regardless.

Batman is indeed selflessness, dependable and determined. In the comics, he has shown these traits countless times and these 3 definitely suite him. Despite the challenges he faces, he continues to protect others. Though he scarifies his own safety to make sure no one is hurt, that doesn’t stop him from being the hero he is.

The Time Of Suffering

Disclaimer: This was written by myself and my entire class


The time of suffering has come, they were all there one by one, laying on the floor dead and lifeless. I  don’t know what to do, people falling down 1 by 1 around me, a heavy THUMP for each body hitting the cold floor. The floor was cold as my heart as it slowly stopped beating… There I was, lying cold and dead like the others. Then I realized that my heart belonged to a busty women. I was dazed in my own little world ; I heard a soft voice . “Wake up. Wake up.” I see a child, about 7 or 8 years old, shaking me.” Who are you?” I shout as the annoying child kept shaking me. “I am you, from the past.” “But I’m actually you from the future’s past present’s alternate reality timeline which is actually the present! There’s no time to explain—OH CHRIST!” I didn’t believe her so I asked her what was most embarrassing moment from the 3rd grade. She said the most embarrassing thing is when she wet herself when talking to her crush. Little did she know that this was just the beginning, and that everything she knew would soon be forgotten. If only I could change everything, before everything had to end.

The Last Moment

A story of an terrifying dream.

All of my friends gathered together and cherished the moment. After a long night, we stand atop a hill in the cold of the morning. Our gaze is captured by the sunrise peeking through the clouds. The dark skies slowly lighten upon us and the light goes into the midst of the fields. The clouds soon reveal itself from the clouds of darkness, its bright glow gives a mint of warmth to my skin.  I thought to myself, will this be the last time together? It was to good to be true that something like this would ever happen, but it sure was one of the most beautiful thing I ever saw. To my surprise, I arose into the cloudy skies. It felt like a thread pulling me into the sky. I was standing on the clouds, an invisible floor as it seemed like. The clouds felt like tiny water droplets as I moved my hand around. Suddenly, the clouds got dense enough where I could see the ground below. All of my friends, Hannah, Bradley, Reinhard, Ore, Rigo and Griffin were all still there overlooking the sunrise.

Oddly enough, I woke up and completely lost track of time like an broken clock. It was 12am and I had no idea what was even going on. I quickly messaged the group chat we have and to my surprise, Bradley responded with “We haven’t seen you in forever Lane. Where have you been?” I was so confused and wondered if the things I saw in my dream did happen. The fact that it was 12am and Bradley and everyone else in the chat was still awake is what totally hit me. I couldn’t remember anything I had done before I fell asleep. I decided to  sit back and try to figure out what was going on. That sure was an weird day.

This is probably one of the moments that was important to me. Everything felt so real to the fact that I could not comprehend what was going on when I woke up. I find it odd that Bradley happen to reply with that text after walking up from the confusion dream. Never in my life has a dream made me lose my memory of the things I did before sleeping. I didn’t even know if I was still in a dream or not. No dream has ever felt so real to me but this one. It must have been a long day.




A Look Back In Time- My Blog


The blogging challenge was a pretty great challenge to accomplish each week. After the beginning of October, I have posted 12 posts in total. I feel that I did pretty good on each of those posts. The majority of my posts were  school based and for the challenged whilst some other posts like my poem were just written for fun. I did also receive plenty of comments on my blog than I have expected.  The majority of the comments were from classmates around the world. It was really cool reading their thoughts and what they had to say about my posts. Many of these comments came from my week 4 Halloween challenge surprisingly. I got many comments from this post because I was mentioned in an post after the week 4 challenge was posted. It was great that I was mentioned because now people from around the world could see what I like to write about and share their thoughts on it. One of the post I really enjoyed writing was the “What I Believe” post. I got to express what I believed and it was also something fun to write about. Another thing I really enjoyed was changing the theme of my blog. I got to customize my blog to the way I wanted it to look like. I also have a few widgets on my blogs. Most of them are just shortcuts to some of my blog posts. I believe that you should have less widgets and only helpful ones because people come to your blog to read your posts. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to look at your widgets really. Finally, I used many web tools to customize my blog. One of them was the woordle creator that I used for my time capsule. Another tool I used was gif maker so I can make animations for my blog.

The Interview (with my older brother)

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

“The chalkboard theme looks very great.  I don’t quite understand the thing with the clouds in the background.”

2. What captured your attention?

“The theme of the blog looked really cool. That was what captured my attention.”

3.What distracted you on the blog?

“Nothing really. There was nothing that was distracting me from reading your posts. Much better last time when your blog had animations.”

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“Keep making more blog posts.”


Beauty Of Nature

Nature is something I admire each day. The sunset, the shadows, the weather and the clouds. The clouds and the sunset is the best thing to view each and everyday at least for me. When I arrive to school everyday at 7:30 a.m, I take a look at the sky and see whats going on today. One day, the sky could be cloudy, another day could have no clouds in the sky. Everyday there is something different. That’s what makes nature so special. Nature is unique in a different way each day.

Clouds is the best part of nature in my opinion. Everyday I look at them, it is something that you cannot miss. The next day will have a new set of clouds in different positions. For me, this means to make each day special and something to remember because the day will never be the same again. I often take pictures of the cloud when I think it represents something. As of now, I am currently working on an time lapse and the clouds is the best part of it so far.

Nature is something to question about once in a while.

Being Out Of Place Or Uncomfortable [House On Mango Street]

This was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve been in. I still can’t believe Sally lied to me. This guy wouldn’t get away from me and there was nothing I could do. I called for Sally, but she ignored me. Did she not care? The guy said he loved me. I don’t understand why? I wanted him to get away from me. But then, he put his mouth on my mouth. I felt so uncomfortable. I didn’t even know what was going on. At one second, he wouldn’t get away from me. Now, he just kissed me. What do I even do now? Sally didn’t help me when I needed her. I hate being uncomfortable. How do I get out of it!

When I was in an uncomfortable situation, it was when I accidently locked my family out of the house. One day, all of us were getting ready to go somewhere and we were also in a hurry too. Well, as were going to the car, my mom told me to get the bags along with the house keys and garage remote. In a matter of seconds, I got the bags and shut the locked front door behind forgetting to get the keys and remote! She asked where those two things were at and I replied ” I forgot them”. I felt really uncomfortable as it was totally my fault that we’re locked out of the house now. We later had to get a ladder and break in my house through the window that was unlocked which was on the 2nd floor of our house. When you are uncomfortable or out of place, that is an outcast. It is the feeling of not being in the right place and away from it. I felt like an outcast in this experience because of how I felt like this shouldn’t have happened and belonged in an situation like this.


Save The Cat 2k15 | A Message To Hannah | Perspective Poem

Can you see?
It wasn’t meant to be.
She waited day after day
Having something to say
But all she could do was pray.

After waiting a day or two
her feelings grew.
With feelings of sadness and regret
She wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Give the cat back
The cat she cared
The cat whose stories she shared
The cat she loved,
Something that felt like it came from above

This is unfair
The eyes she stared.
The cat was something that she couldn’t bare,
Something she did not prepare
to lose for someone else to care.

Give the cat back soon,
To the little girl who loved it.
Do it someday or someway.
The cat to the little girl who loved every bit.

*a poem/story made from my imagination based on real life events*

Where I Am Free

Having freedom is  seen different for many people. For some, having freedom is experiencing something they never got to do before. Others may view as having freedom is being away from the things they don’t like. Freedom can mean a variety of different things for lots of people. For me, having freedom is being able to do what you want and completely ignore your surroundings.

I have the most freedom when I am at home. I feel that I have the most freedom at home because I can do basically whatever I want without the worry of doing something bad. I get to sleep in which is something I hardly ever get to do at other places. My house is a peaceful place where I can have fun and not be stressed about the things that are going on in my life. Being at home is like my getaway place where I can just get some rest and relax. Meanwhile, the place where I have the least freedom is at school. Your with a bunch of people you don’t know, you have to follow a set of rules and school is just filled with drama. School is also not a very quiet place. The hallways, cafeteria and sometimes the classrooms can be loud at times. For me, school is not a suitable place to relax and a quiet place to be at. You can’t even sleep at school!  Though school is a place to get education, I wish there were some changes that can be made to make it have more freedom. This is how I feel how freedom is viewed and should be like.  Where are you free?