Celebrating Halloween- Week 4

I personally never thought Halloween was celebrated different! I think its just something that we celebrate that other people do. For some, celebrating Halloween is different like the type of candy, costumes etc. Where I live, Halloween is celebrated in a more traditional way. Wearing costumes and going to other houses to get candy is more or less what we do. Since I am grown up now and not a kid anymore, I celebrate Halloween as just dressing up in the most sickest costume that anyone wouldn’t imagine happening. For example, this year I went all out and dressed up as a nerd for my costume. I literally changed the way my hair looked and wore the weirdest clothes that some nerds wear from the movies I’ve seen. I looked like a whole new person in my opinion and my friends were surprised too. I don’t find Halloween as just getting candy and saying trick or treat along with wearing costumes. I feel that Halloween is a good time to change your own appearance to where even your friends wouldn’t recognize you. Sorry candy. You convinced me to get and eat you as a kid, but you are no match for me now that I’m older!

20 thoughts on “Celebrating Halloween- Week 4

  1. G’day Wilao,
    Love the way you are changing as you grow older and feel Halloween can change with you as well.

    As a child, we never celebrated Halloween here in Australia, but nowadays, I have groups of children knocking on the door with cautious parents watching from down the path.

    I even have some of my ex students who are now in grades 11/12 come visiting dressed in their weird costumes.

  2. I never really dressed up as anything before. I like how you included that you still dressed up even if you felt like you were a bit too old for that. I never trick or treated before, but I still get candy. Great ending sentence it was quiet funny, and have a great day!

  3. I love how you still dress up even though you are an adult. I personally think that you are never too old to be dressing up for Halloween.

    • I agree. I just find some other fun ways to celebrate it! Sometimes, Halloween gets a little boring and I have no idea why. It’s time for me to create some ideas!

  4. Hi I am savanna. Your post was great! It was very entertaining, I like how you described how you felt about Halloween. One suggestion could be to maybe separate your writing into two paragraphs. Great post! Keep it up!

    • Thank you! Sometimes, I get so focused into writing that I forget to separate my writing. It’s a habit I have! I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time.

  5. Wow great post. I love how your not afraid to bring out your inner kid when it comes to dressing up. That shows a lot about your personality in just one post. I can wait to read more of your post so keep up all the great post.
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  6. Magnificent job! Your talent and passion for writing really showed in your blog post. I accept the fact you think Halloween is about altering your appearance. However to me Halloween is all about the candy. Overall, great job on your blog!

  7. Hey Wilao,
    Your post is really spectacular. I like how you have transformed to seeing Halloween in a whole new sense of what most people don’t do. I’m not wanting the candy as much either, but I just hang out with my friends. Check out my blog- jeremyblye.edublogs.org

  8. I love dressing up for halloween, this year I dressed up as a skeleton. Even though I’m older and don’t trick-or-treat as much, I still love getting candy.

  9. Hey Wilao,
    My name is Ella, and I thought your post was really great! I can definitely connect with you, because I also think Halloween is more meaningful than just getting candy, even though I do enjoy the treats a lot! To me, it is the perfect time to get creative with my costume and have a good time with all my friends! Be sure to come to check out my blog at http://ellanissi5601.edublogs.org

  10. Wilao,

    I totally understand your thoughts about Halloween now that you are older. However, because I am not yet an adult, the candy still entices me. If you could go back to your childhood and get more candy, would you? Or would you stay as an adult and not get so much candy?


  11. Hi Wildo,
    I enjoy dressing up for Halloween too, but I do still enjoy getting candy. What would be your favorite costume that you’ve worn so far?

  12. Hi Wilao,
    I too don’t go trick or treating, but I often enjoy hanging out with my friends or going to a party on Halloween. It is very intriguing to look back and notice how my way of celebrating Halloween has been altered as i grow. Here’s the link to my blog: https://anastgromo2502.edublogs.org/

  13. Wildo,
    I completely agree with you that Halloween changes as you get older. Although it may seem like a more childish holiday, I find that it is still fun to dress up with friends, but instead of trick or treating I would prefer to hang out and watch a movie. What are you planning on dressing up for next year? Come visit my blog!

  14. Wow, that costume sounds awesome. I agree that Halloween isn’t about the candy, dressing up is where it’s all at! Unfortunatley, this year is probably my last year I’ll go trick or treating. Go ahead and check out my school blog at cougarnewsblog.com

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